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Signs You May Have Cheating Heart

In a love affair, infidelity can happen. This infidelity does not only occur physically, but it can also be emotional, aka cheating. Some of the signs are that you feel more comfortable, happy, or always want to be with your "special friend" than your partner. This emotional affair or cheating heart is different from physical affair because it does not involve kissing, hugging, or sexual intercourse. Cheating means sharing a deep emotional bond with someone other than your partner. Cheating often starts with friendships. Who does not want to be friends with someone who is easy to talk to, makes you laugh, and can be a place to share fun and complaints? But if you start to be interested in him even a little, worry about your marriage problems, or start waiting for a phone call or news from him, maybe you have an emotional affair. Signs of Cheating Hearts Here are the signs of cheating that you often don't realize: You begin to pay attention to appearances to attrac
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Mumps in Pregnant Women and the Impact on the Fetus

Pregnant women have a weaker immune system. This makes pregnant women vulnerable to diseases, including mumps. This disease risks causing complications for the unborn child. Come on, find out how mumps in pregnant women affect the health of the fetus. Mumps is caused by the Paramyxovirus virus. This disease can be transmitted through saliva splashes, nasal mucus (snot), and direct contact with sufferers. Mumps can cause serious complications if left untreated or left alone, especially in pregnant women. Symptoms of Mumps in Pregnant Women A typical symptom of mumps is the swelling of one or both parotid glands. This gland is located under the ear and functions to produce saliva. Swelling of the parotid gland can cause pain and difficulty in swallowing. In addition, other symptoms will appear that are usually similar to flu symptoms, such as: Fever Fatigue Headache Body aches or muscle aches Feverish Loss of appetite Dry mouth Mild stomach ache These mumps symptoms will

This is the cause of headaches towards the end of menstruation

Not a few women who claim to have frequent headaches at the end of the menstrual period. Are you one of the people who often experience it? Come on, find out the cause, as well as how to prevent it from coming back. If you often have headaches near the end of menstruation, you are not alone. About 60% of women, apparently experiencing headaches that often appear when menstruation will end or vice versa, at the beginning of menstruation. What is the cause? Causes of Headaches at the End of Menstruation Headaches generally occur when pressure changes occur around the nerves. Pain signals are then sent to the brain, causing a throbbing headache. Headaches that occur before menstruation can generally be caused by two things: Hormonal imbalance Changing levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone during menstruation can trigger headaches that are felt towards the end of the menstrual period. In some women, this can cause headaches. This condition can be characterized by nausea